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National Plaintiffs’ Law Firm Helping Institutions, Businesses, and Individuals

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a national litigation law firm that represents institutions, businesses and individuals in complex legal claims. For more than two decades, our lawyers have helped clients recover damages in fraud, whistleblower, employment, employee benefits, and business matters. We represent companies, individuals, and classes of plaintiffs in complex litigation across the country from our offices in Texas, California, and Puerto Rico.

Class Actions / Mass Actions

Class actions involve cases in which plaintiffs have similar fact scenarios and legal arguments against the same defendants. Class actions create a more efficient, streamlined process that allows plaintiffs to share the costs of asserting their legal rights.

Our law firm handles a broad range of class action and mass action cases in jurisdictions throughout the United States, including:

Litigation for Public and Private Entities

Many institutional clients have unique processes by which their legal interests must be protected. Their legal claims, therefore, require a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s legal obligations and position in the marketplace. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing a variety of institutional clients, including:

Business Litigation

When businesses need experienced, aggressive, and savvy trial lawyers who understand both the business needs and the ins and outs of plaintiffs’ litigation, they turn to Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP. We represent corporate clients in all types of plaintiffs’-side litigation including:

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Litigation

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is an experienced leader in healthcare and pharmaceutical litigation involving price-fixing, defective drugs and products, Medicare fraud waste and abuse, and off-label prescriptions for drugs and products.  We represent nationwide insurance companies and other sophisticated institutional plaintiffs in a variety of areas in the healthcare and pharmaceutical litigation space, in various types of matters, including:

  • Drug and Device Price-Fixing – Recovering overcharges due to branded and generic drug and medical device price manipulation
  • Defective Drugs and Products – Recovering reimbursements by insurers for defective drugs and medical products
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse – Recovering over-payments made by insurers as a result of Medicare or other insurance fraud, including upcoding
  • Off-Label Prescriptions – Recovering reimbursements by insurers for drugs and medical devices prescribed for non-approved uses

Securities Fraud and Consumer Protection

Businesses and individuals lose billions of dollars in numerous types of schemes. Our attorneys work to recover damages arising from fraud in a wide array of matters, such as:

Employee Benefits / ERISA

Employee benefits, such as ERISA pension plans, are subject to complex regulations governing allowable fees, prudent investment vehicles, taxation, termination, and rollover. Our law firm helps employees recover their hard earned retirement benefits in 401(k) plan litigation.

Employment Law and Civil Rights

Employees have important rights. When these rights are violated, employees may have a valid claim for back pay, lost wages, penalties, and other damages. Because employers often exhibit a pattern of wrongful conduct, our attorneys often handle employment claims as class actions. We have substantial experience in litigating claims involving:

Whistleblower Claims

Under the “False Claims Act”, whistle-blowers (people who report illegal or unethical conduct) are entitled to receive a portion of any moneys that are recovered on account of their whistle-blowing. Regularly, whistle-blowers are compensated at a rate of 20 to 25 percent of the total money recovered on account of information provided by the whistleblower.

Our attorneys work with whistle-blowers who report such unlawful conduct as:

Dangerous Products, Medical Devices and Drugs

Our products liability lawyers take legal action against manufacturers of the defective products that cause serious injuries and fatalities. Because dangerous products tend to injure multiple people, we often bring product liability claims as class actions.

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