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Complex Commercial Litigation

Founded in 1993, Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a national commercial litigation firm that handles complex disputes. Our trial lawyers have a reputation for seeking perfection in our work.   From discovery that uncovers crucial evidence to trial where we fine tune our presentation to jurors and judges, our careful, meticulous preparation makes Schneider Wallace one of the top trial firms in the country.

We represent large multinational corporations, small businesses, executives, partners, stockholders and customers in commercial disputes. We litigate complex breach of contract and tort claims.

Commercial Litigation Remedies

Schneider Wallace lawyers develop each case to recover the remedies consistent with the overall goals of our client, which might include:

  • Monetary Damages – Our goal is to maximize monetary damages. Our attorneys thoroughly review the set of facts to develop effective strategies and back our case with persuasive evidence. Often, we file parallel causes of action to optimize damages recovery.
  • Injunctive Relief – In addition to recovering economic damages, our attorneys take action to stop the harm from continuing. We seek injunctive relief to block trademark infringement, use of misappropriated trade secrets, violations of the antitrust laws, and unfair competition. 

Comprehensive Business Representation

Schneider Wallace recognizes that a lingering dispute can in itself cause harm to a company. When strategizing a plan of action, we therefore look at the overall picture. Our lawyers carefully consider these issues to strategize a course of action that is in tune to our client’s individual needs:

  • Costs – No business wants to win at all costs. When deciding how to proceed, our attorneys weigh the costs of litigation against the potential outcomes. We candidly discuss with our clients the strengths and weaknesses of their case and calculate the anticipated expenses, so they can make well-informed decisions. Although we are mindful about cutting costs when possible, we also advise our clients when expenditures are beneficial.
  • Good Will – We never lose sight of our client’s long-term goals. A business relies on its continued good will with customers to succeed. Although aggressive litigation is sometimes necessary and justified, overly hostile actions may ultimately harm the business’s reputation and its future success.
  • Business Relationships – Even in a dispute, a business may recognize a long-term benefit to preserving its relationships with clients, vendors, partners, executives, or other businesses. In that situation, we may suggest mediation aimed at resolving the dispute while maintaining the relationship between the parties.

Retain Experienced Business Litigation Lawyers for Effective Dispute Solutions

To recover damages in a complex business dispute, schedule a consultation with our experienced commercial litigation lawyers at Schneider Wallace. Our attorneys are available to meet with business clients at our California, Texas or Puerto Rico offices.

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