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Banking Litigation

Protecting Financial Institutions and Businesses from Losses

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is an experienced litigation law firm that represents businesses and financial institutions nationwide. Formed in 1993, our lawyers have the extensive knowledge and resources to aggressively pursue remedies available under federal and state laws.

Our banking trial lawyers are perfectionists. We investigate every factor and every angle in order to support our client’s best interests. Our approach is aggressive, but methodical. We back up our claims with hard numbers and facts, which we persuasively argue in trial..

Our flexible fee arrangements accommodate each client’s unique situations. Our firm offers flat-fee, hourly and hybrid plans that can be adjusted to fit the specifics of the case at hand.

Negligent and Fraudulent Investment

Some of the biggest banks in the country have fallen prey to investment schemes that cause considerable losses to financial institutions and their clients.  Our firm pursues all available remedies in response to Ponzi scheme, inappropriate junk bond investment, insider trading, and other scams and claims.

Collateralized Debt Obligations

Fraudulent and poorly managed CDOs contributed to the 2008 financial crises. Despite the economic damage, some questionable collateralized debt obligations remain on the market and have continued to result in substantial losses to investors and banking institutions. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of these sophisticated structured asset-backed securities and are able to peel back the layers to expose problems that harm our clients.

Foreign Exchange Rate Rigging

The Libor and forex rate rigging scandals are two of the most rampant and damaging examples of illegal exchange rate rigging. Investors, including numerous public institutions and banks, lost billions of dollars when they overpaid on foreign exchange and other transactions with rigged prices.

Our law firm represents investors who were duped in the Libor and forex rate rigging schemes, in addition to other unlawful rate rigging actions.

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For more information about pursuing remedies through banking litigation, schedule an appointment with Schneider Wallace in our California, Texas or Puerto Rico offices. Our banking litigation lawyers represent banking institutions, business investors, and consumers who sustained losses due to rigging, fraud and/or negligent investment.

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