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Disability Access Class Actions

Remedies for Americans With Disabilities Act Violations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affords individuals with disabilities the right to equal access to employment, buildings, transportation, parks, facilities and other places, activities, and benefits

Founded more than 20 years ago, Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a national trial law firm that handles disability discrimination and reasonable accommodation lawsuits. Our lawyers are based in California, Texas, and Puerto Rico, and we partner with attorneys in jurisdictions across the United States to help people with disabilities uphold their right to equal access.

ADA Employment Access

The ADA prohibits covered employers from discriminating against employees with disabilities. The anti-discrimination provisions require certain employers to make reasonable workplace accommodations, which may include special equipment, special communication methods, adjustments to work stations, flexible schedules and altered assignments, to allow the employee to perform his or her job duties.

Access to Public Entities and Transportation

People with disabilities are entitled to access to public entities and transportation. For example, public buildings must be designed with entrance ramps and wide hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and equipped with signs that are accessible. If public buildings and spaces are not designed to be accessible, they may be required to be modified to provide equal access. Elevators in transit hubs and lifts on buses must make public transportation available to people with mobility challenges.

Access to Commercial Entities

Private companies with spaces that are open to the public are also required to comply with the ADA’s provisions. A company must design its structures, grounds and services to allow people with disabilities to enjoy the goods and services offered in the commercial space. Hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools and offices are examples of businesses that must be ADA-compliant. Establishments must also allow service animals to enter and remain on the premises unless the animal poses a threat to the safety or health of the other patrons.

Access to Telecommunications

Technological advances in communications provide effective opportunities for accessibility. TTY machines have been standard equipment for more than two decades. Video relay service translates voice into text and computer software offers advanced forms of telecommunication.

File a Class Action Lawsuit for Equal Access Under the ADA

The ADA requires employers, public entities and commercial businesses to provide equal access to people with disabilities. Noncompliance affects all people who are denied access because of a disability. Our team of attorneys have significant experience investigating and pursuing action against businesses and government agencies to correct equal access issues and recover damages on behalf of the class of people who suffered harm. In our more than 20 years of experience our firm has caused more than $1 billion in structural changes to be made to bring areas and structures into compliance with the ADA.  Our firm partners with law firms located in multiple jurisdictions to handle national class action lawsuits.

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