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Securities Fraud

Throughout the past half-century, several widespread fraudulent securities schemes disrupted the market and caused substantial loss to investors. Highly publicized events are only the tip of the iceberg. Many less sensational cases involve breach of fiduciary duty, material misrepresentation, high-risk trades and excessive trading that harm individual or small groups of investors. Fraud remains rampant in the market and even the most diligent investor may be a target.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP has more than 25 years of experience litigating complex securities fraud to recoup the losses sustained by investors. Our lawyers understand the complexities of the market and the regulatory matters that affect securities trading and values. We also consult with a team of experts that advise us on related industry matters that impact our clients’ cases.

We are a national law firm that has the resources and experience to handle class action claims involving large-scale fraud. We regularly represent our clients’ interests in state and federal courts nationwide.

When a Broker’s Bad Advice is Fraud

Brokers have a duty to act in their clients’ best interests. In some cases, losses occur merely because of a bad decision. However, the bad decision may cross the threshold into fraud if the broker violates fiduciary duties to profit at the expense of the client, including:

  • Failing to disclose material information about the securities or company to the investor
  • Failing to conduct due diligence to discover problems with a security or corporation that could devalue the stock
  • Trading in high-risk, high-yield securities on behalf of traditionally conservative investors, such as seniors and pension funds
  • Making excessive trades that generate a high percentage of brokers fees compared to the value of the securities
  • Promoting a security that does not perform well to increase value in order to increase profit to the brokerage firm

Class Action Litigation of Securities Fraud Schemes

Sophisticated securities fraud scams may ensnare numerous investors and reach multimillion-dollar losses to individuals, businesses and pension funds that relied upon the securities investments. Because of the number of harmed investors, these cases often are litigated as class action lawsuits:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Short selling
  • Accounting fraud
  • Microcap fraud
  • Pump and dump
  • Stock price manipulation
  • Insider trading
  • Broker embezzlement
  • Foreign currency manipulation

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Learn more about recovering losses caused by securities fraud, misrepresentation, bad advice and improper trading. Schneider Wallace represents individuals, businesses and pension funds that suffered losses in the securities market in every region of the country from our offices in California, Texas or Puerto Rico.

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