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Severance Package Negotiation

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a top national business and employment litigation law firm with 25 years of experience. We are known primarily for our successful trial strategies and high-level litigation preparation. We are true advocates for our clients and know how to back up our positions with solid evidence and the law.

Our polished litigation skills give our attorneys unique insight during negotiations. We represent executives and skilled professionals in reaching beneficial terms of employment, termination and severance.

Our law firm maintains a flexible fee policy that can be hourly, flat rate, or hybrid to best accommodate our clients’ particular circumstances and goals. Our offices in California, Texas and Puerto Rico make our lawyers accessible to our national base of clients.

Negotiating a Fair Severance Package

Severance is a mainstay for many executives and skilled employees. A corporation may offer a severance package at the time of hiring in order to attract top recruits. The contract may include termination provisions and the application of severance terms if the employee is terminated for cause versus being laid off for other business reasons.

For the employee, the best time to negotiate severance is at the time of hiring, when the employer is more amenable to better terms in order to recruit the employee. However, severance negotiations at the time of termination may make sense for both employer and employee to avoid lengthy litigation over fairness when parting ways.

Our lawyers negotiate equitable severance packages from the perspective of trial lawyers.

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To learn more about negotiating an equitable severance package and enforcing the terms of the agreement, talk to our experienced employment litigation lawyers at Schneider Wallace. We can arrange to meet business owners, executives and professionals in one of our main office locations in California, Texas or Puerto Rico.

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