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Consumer Class Actions

Advocating for the Rights of Consumers Nationwide

Companies are obligated to present honest information when selling their products and services and can be held liable for unfair and deceptive practices. The Federal Trade Commission processes consumer complaints on behalf of the government. However, individuals may need to bring a class action lawsuit in order to recover their own financial damages.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a national class action law firm that recovers damages for consumers for the deceptive acts and practices of corporations. Our lawyers have handled many class action lawsuits related to consumer fraud in a diverse range of products and services across industries. We have more than 20 years of experience achieving class certification and preparing these complex cases for trial.

Class Actions Make Relief Possible

Class actions are vital to protect the rights of consumers. While the potential profits for a corporation from fraud may make seemingly minor risks worthwhile, the substantial costs to an individual of bringing a lawsuit make litigation unrealistic for a single consumer. For example, a company that overcharges one million of its customers by $10 earns $10 million dollars. A customer who has been defrauded of $10.00 is usually unable or unwilling to spend thousands of dollars suing the corporation, even if the fraud is blatant.

Class action litigation levels the playing field. Aggregating the claims of hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of the class members allows us to handle class action litigation on a contingency fee basis — that is, we don’t charge any upfront fees or costs and we only get paid out of any recovery to the class upon conclusion of the case. Our law firm shoulders the risks of litigation to reach justice for the entire class. Our class action cases have set legal precedent and laid the foundation for protecting consumers in the future.

Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud has, unfortunately, become commonplace in our economy. The schemes for ripping off consumers are endless. Unscrupulous corporations continually update methods for hiding fees and misrepresenting their products and services and, with the dawn of Internet commerce, have devised new tactics for deception. Consumer fraud occurs in every industry, including health care, medicine, insurance, mortgage, banking, online commerce, technology, education, food and automotive.

Schneider Wallace handles cases involving such practices as:

  • Internet scams
  • Credit card interest overcharges
  • Unfair banking practices
  • Deceptive advertising
  • Deceptive mortgage services
  • Advance-fee and high-interest loan practices
  • Bait-and-switch tactics
  • Advertising “sale” of non-discounted items
  • Antitrust and conspiracy violations
  • False pharmaceutical and herbal product claims

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