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Construction Defect Class Actions

Poor construction can cost property owners substantial money and may even create dangerous conditions for which the owner could face liability if someone is injured. In many cases, the contractor did not make a single mistake on one project, but rather demonstrated repeated acts of negligence or fraud over multiple projects. In addition, shoddy building of large-scale construction projects may affect numerous people and businesses. Class action litigation is often a more efficient and cost-effective means for property owners to assert their legal rights against the contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, engineers and architects responsible for the damage.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a well-respected class action litigation law firm. We have extensive experience in class action and multidistrict litigation in jurisdictions across the nation. We represent homeowners, business owners, and municipalities that have sustained damages as a result of defective materials, engineering, design or construction of buildings and other structures.

Failure to Use Appropriate Building Materials

One of the most common construction defect claims involves use of inferior or inappropriate materials. Since inferior materials often cost less money, a contractor may use these products and pocket the difference charged to the property owner. The problem may also occur further down the supply chain, with the supplier delivering the low quality goods but charging full price for the order.

Often, laypeople cannot tell the difference in material quality with the naked eye. The problems may not become apparent until months or years after construction is completed. For example, a property owner might not realize that mold-resistant material was not used until the spores have grown enough to emit an odor and irreparably harm health and property values. In some cases, the construction defect does not become obvious until the building is struck by a natural disaster, such as hurricane force winds, earthquake or fire.

Defects that Reduce Property Value

Our attorneys understand the engineering and architectural aspects of a construction defect claim. We also determine the appropriateness and quality of materials, design and engineering through inspection and testing and can thus build a strong case for fault and damages.

Our lawyers can handle construction defect claims involving:

  • Leaky pipes and fittings
  • Leaking and crumbling roof tiles
  • Mold and dry rot
  • Shifting soil
  • Cracks in foundation and walls
  • Structural failure
  • Electrical failure

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