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Dangerous Products, Medical Devices, Drugs

Manufacturers have a duty to design, produce and sell safe, effective products and to recall dangerous and defective products. The system puts the responsibility in the hands of the manufacturer to test its products to prove safety. However, manufacturers have incentive to disregard adverse evidence after spending millions of dollars on research and development. Unfortunately, this flawed system has resulted in high numbers of injuries from harmful medical devices and drugs.

Founded 25 years ago, Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a premier national law firm focused entirely on civil litigation. We have the vast resources required to investigate complex issues and to prepare sophisticated products liability claims for trial. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators and litigators who aggressively pursue the maximum possible award for our clients.

Our lawyers keep abreast of issues within the medical products and pharmaceutical industries so we are able to recognize trends of harm to patients. Many times, we begin to see a pattern of injuries before the manufacturers recall their products. We are thus able to take proactive steps to hold the manufacturers liable and to prevent further harm to patients as we help our clients recover damages.

Class Action or Mass Action Injury Lawsuits

A defect in a medical device or pharmaceutical is rarely discovered until many people are injured or killed. Only after patients suffer substantial damage do manufacturers typically recall the products. A class action or mass action lawsuit may be appropriate, therefore, to resolve a products liability claim.

Products liability class actions and mass actions have several advantages, including spreading costs across numerous plaintiffs, reducing overall costs of conducting discovery and preparing for trial and building a stronger argument that the product did in fact cause harm. Our law firm assumes the risks of litigation so plaintiffs can pursue their rights without financial burden.

Proving Liability for Product Defects

Tracing injury to a particular product takes ingenuity and perseverance. Drug companies usually do not cooperate unless the FDA or the courts force them to do so. These big medical corporations have large legal departments that aggressively deflect blame and mitigate damages. Our attorneys just as aggressively pursue the truth.

We constantly study issues related to medical products liability and regularly consult with medical professionals about the adverse effects of devices and drugs on humans. Our up-to-date technology allows us to effectively analyze data and present compelling evidence to judges and jurors.

Recover for Injuries Caused by a Defective Product, Medical Device or Medication

Schneider Wallace is known for our aggressive pursuit of injured patients’ rights through complex litigation and class action lawsuits. To learn more about recovering damages for injuries caused by defective products, schedule a consultation with our trial lawyers at our California, Texas or Puerto Rico office. We practice before state and federal courts in jurisdictions throughout the United States in individual claims, class actions and multidistrict litigation.

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