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Holding Assisted Living Facilities Liable for Harm to Residents

Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics in the United States. According to the 2010 Census, 40.3 million Americans, equal to 13 percent of the population, were 65 years or older. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) projects that the senior population will reach 20 percent of the total U.S. population by 2050. The 2010 Census also showed that 5.8 million Americans were 85 years or older, which the NCEA estimates will reach 19 million by 2050. The exponential growth in numbers of senior adults, coupled with the rising price of health care, presents a challenge to future generations. Unfortunately, many of these seniors will be abused in nursing homes ill-equipped to handle their needs.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP is a national litigation firm that represents nursing home residents in abuse, neglect and exploitation claims. During our 20+ years in practice, Schneider Wallace has seen incidents of nursing home abuse increase.

The typical organizational structure of nursing homes has also changed dramatically. Centralized for-profit corporations that own numerous facilities have replaced intimate, nonprofit nursing homes. The new focus on delivering returns on investment often results in cutting corners that lead to the suffering of residents of nursing home and assisted living facilities. Our law firm has substantial experience recovering damages from the large national nursing home chains that have become the norm in the industry. Our lawyers are based in California, Texas, and Puerto Rico and work with local law firms to lead class action lawsuits in jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Nursing Home Financial Fraud

Nursing home residents are often the targets of fraud perpetrated by nursing home staff for personal gain or to increase the profits of the facility. Common financial exploitation tactics include:

  • Medicaid fraud, including up-coding, double billing and charging for medical care that was not provided.
  • Patient billing fraud, including duplicating charges to patients and insurance companies or raising the price on items sold in on-campus stores.
  • Undue influence, by coercing the resident to bequeath funds, often through isolation from relatives, threats or fraud.
  • Taking assets, which might include transferring funds or forcing the resident to accept an allowance.

Neglect and Abuse Claims

One incident of abuse may reflect widespread abuse of numerous nursing home residents. The abuse can often be traced back to funding shortfalls, inadequate oversight, poor management and policy gaps for which the nursing home and/or its corporate parent is liable.

File a Class Action Lawsuit Against a Negligent Long-Term Care Facility

Schneider Wallace files class action lawsuits against negligent nursing home corporations to prevent harm to other residents and to recover damages for injured clients. Our national law firm is based in California, Texas, and Puerto Rico and works closely with other law firms to bring legal action against national nursing home chains in jurisdictions throughout the United States.

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