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Mutual Fund Fee Litigation

Mutual funds fees are paid to fund managers in return for the investment and management services that they provide to the funds. But, those costs should be reasonable.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP has represented investors in mutual funds. Based upon our extensive experience, our lawyers quickly recognize when the fees are excessive and we strive to successfully prove liability and damages. Schneider Wallace is a law firm that handles complex securities claims in state and federal courts to recoup our clients’ losses.

Section 36(b) Violations

Section 36(b) amendment to the Investment Company Act of 1940 imposes a fiduciary duty on mutual fund investment advisors in relation to their compensation and addresses the procedural rules governing mutual fund fee litigation. Violations under 36(b) include charging advisory fees for sub-advisory services that are not in proportion to the services provided. 

Consult with Knowledgeable Legal Counsel About Mutual Fund Fee Recovery

Schneider Wallace represents investors who were charged too high a ratio of fees to mutual fund value because of excessive administration and marketing fees. To learn more about recovering damages for excessive mutual fund fees, consult with our litigation lawyers, conveniently located in California, Texas or Puerto Rico, who try securities cases in jurisdictions throughout the United States.

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