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Public Entities

Representing Governmental, Quasigovernmental and Administrative Agencies in Litigation

Public entities include municipalities, local and state governments, governmental agencies and instruments acting under the authority of government. These institutions perform civic functions and are subject to specific rules and procedures to resolve disputes, such as Sunshine laws that require transparency and disclosure of public records. In addition, public entities have a duty to its citizens to act in the public interest.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP considers the unique position and obligations of public entities during pre-litigation, discovery, and trial proceedings. Our lawyers understand the steps required to achieve a successful resolution while remaining aligned with the functions and laws governing the public institution.

Our firm has successfully helped public entities pursue legal remedies. We have three offices located in Houston, San Francisco and Scottsdale and numerous relationships with local counsel that support our representation of public entities nationwide.

Public Pension Funds

Public pension funds provide retirement benefits to public employees, such as teachers, firefighters, police officers, maintenance staff and administrative personnel. Like private pension funds, public funds have a fiduciary duty to the participants to act in their best financial interests. In furtherance of their fiduciary duties, public funds often must take legal action against parties that cause a loss in value to the fund or improperly received benefits.

Our law firm pursues parties that acted to the detriment of public pension plans. Our lawyers may take legal action against a bank for charging excessive or double fees.  We may seek to recovery stock losses caused by fraudulent marketing or fraudulent public reporting.  We also seek other remedies to make the pension fund whole.

Breach of Contract

Public entities enter into a variety of contracts that govern such matters as procurement, construction, employment and vendor services, such as maintenance, food, security and administrative. A breach of a contract by another party costs money and can jeopardize the operations of the public entity. Public institutions have the same rights to remedies as private entities, but typically face unique challenges when litigating claims. Our law firm pursues the full breadth of legal remedies available, including recovery of damages, injunctions to stop wrongful conduct and specific performance to compel compliance with the terms of the agreement.

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Schneider Wallace is a national law firm that represents public entities from our three offices in Houston, San Francisco and Scottsdale and in partnership with local attorneys in jurisdictions across the country. Our trial lawyers assist public entities in resolving disputes in a manner that protects its function and compliance with applicable laws and procedures.

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