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The world’s largest companies conduct extensive due diligence before engaging in financial transactions. However, despite investigating and analyzing the risks and benefits of an investment or business opportunity, even the most sophisticated entities nonetheless remain vulnerable to fraud, price-fixing, and failures in contract performance. When these schemes are revealed, financial institutions have a duty to their shareholders to recoup losses.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP has represented banks, insurance companies, and other large financial institutions in disputes ranging from commercial disputes with business partners to market manipulation cases affecting the largest capital and commodities trading platforms in the world.  Our attorneys have experience litigating on behalf of larger institutional clients and the unique concerns that complex litigation entails.

Above all, our goal is to get the best results for our clients.  To provide professional, fair representation, our firm will work with our clients to structure a traditional (hourly), contingent, or hybrid retention structure that best fit our clients’ needs.

Market Manipulation/Price-Fixing

Institutions and consumers are all participants in the world’s capital and commodities markets.  Collusion and manipulation of those markets affects individual participants, and often affects financial institutions to a much greater degree.  Collusion and price-fixing robs the market of competition and raises the costs for individuals and institutional participants alike.

In a recent high-profile case, for example, several banks colluded to manipulate the exchange rates for foreign currencies. The Forex scandal that occurred between 2005 and 2013 resulted in billions of dollars in losses to investors and billions of dollars in fines imposed on banks that were complicit in the price-fixing scheme. Financial institutions that acted ethically and obeyed the law also suffered losses due to investments they made in the inflated market and unfair competition with financial institutions that participated in the manipulation. Our attorneys work to recover damages from the entities that engaged in illegal activity.


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