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Satchell v. FedEx

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The Settlement 




The Case



On April 13, 2007, the Court granted prelimiary approval to a settlement in this case.

To learn more, we recommend that you visit the Claims Administrator's website:

You can also keep reading here to find some information about the case and settlement.

You are a class member under the settlement if:

(1) You are an African American or Latino who worked at FedEx Express as a Freight Handler, Material Handler, Checker-Sorter, Customer Service Agent, Courier, Swing Driver, Ramp Transport Driver, Ramp Area Driver, Shuttle Driver, Dangerous Goods Agent, Information Agent, Operations Agent, Ramp Agent, Service Assurance Agent, Truck Control Agent, Trace Representative, Input Auditor, Team Leader, or Dispatcher in the Western Region of the AGFS and DGO Divisions at any time between October 17, 1999 and April 13, 2007.


(2) You are an African American who worked at FedEx Express as an Operations Manager in the Western Region of the AGFS and DGO Divisions at any time between October 17, 1999 and April 13, 2007.


Several FedEx employees filed discrimination lawsuits against FedEx Express in 2002 and 2003. These cases were consolidated into one action pending before Judge Susan Illston in the federal court of the Northern District of California. The named Plaintiffs in the case alleged that FedEx Express discriminated within its Western Region against African-American and Latino hourly employees with respect to promotions, compensation, and discipline and against African-American operations managers with respect to compensation and discipline.

On September 28, 2005, the Court issued an order granting class certification. A first notice about the case was mailed to Class Members on January 13, 2006, and you may have received that notice if you are a Class Member. 


After lengthy negotiations, the parties agreed to a settlement, which is known as a Consent Decree. The Court granted preliminary approval to the settlement on April 13, 2007. This means that the parties can send out notice about the settlement.

Under the settlement, FedEx Express has agreed to change many of its practices and procedures, including, as just one example, discontinuing use of the Basic Skills Test ("BST") as a requirement for awarding Courier, Ramp Transport Driver, or Service Agent positions. 

The settlement also requires FedEx Express to pay nearly $54.9 million.

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