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Herring v. Hewitt and Associates

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The Settlement 




The Case


On July 12, 2007, Gloria Jimenez filed a lawsuit against Perot Systems Corporation on behalf of current and former Perot Systems’ employees who were eligible for overtime pay and employed in California between July 12, 2003 and December 5, 2008. Perot Systems’ records show about 1,803 persons fall into this group. The lawsuit claims Perot Systems should have paid overtime to employees working “alternate workweek schedules” (i.e. schedules requiring 10 hour workdays, 4 days a week). The lawsuit also claims Perot Systems’ overtime calculations were incorrect for some employees who received a “shift differential” or “benefits bridge”
payment. The lawsuit also claims Perot Systems failed to pay departing employees for their unused vacation. Ms. Jimenez sought damages and penalties for these claims.


Under the settlement, Perot Systems will pay a total of $5,800,000.

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