Schneider Wallace Obtained Two of the Largest California Class Action Settlements of 2020 on Behalf of Workers

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky represented plaintiffs in two of the 10 largest California class action settlements of 2020, and one of the largest 10 in the nation in 2020, according to legal verdict and settlement list makers. 

Schneider Wallace is an experienced California employment class action law firm, able to assist with wage and hour disputes, unpaid overtime, discrimination, harassment, or other employment matters. Our experienced team of trial lawyers has more than 20 years of experience litigating complex employment cases and achieving the best possible recovery for our clients. 

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$82 million – Air Methods Corp.’s Failure to Pay Wages and Pay Overtime 

In July 2020, the California state court approved a settlement for 450 medical workers manning helicopter emergency air transports.  The workers alleged Air Methods failed to pay them for overtime, misclassified workers as exempt, failed to pay for off-the-clock work, and failed to pay for interrupted meal times.  This included, among other things, not paying hourly employees who worked 24-hour shifts their entitled pay: 8 hours of regular pay; 4 hours of time-and-a-half (for the 8-12 hours worked); and double-time for all hours worked beyond the first twelve, with additional break and meal break periods. 

According to the agreement Air Methods would pay $82 million to settle the various claims. This represents the second largest class action settlement in California for 2020 according to online publications.   

It also ranks as one of the 10 largest class action settlements in the United States in 2020. 

$6 million – CertifiedSafety Inc.’s Violation of State Labor and Pay Laws 

In June 2020, a judge in the Northern District of California approved a $6 million settlement in Jones v. CertifiedSafety Inc.  The plaintiffs alleged among other things that defendant CertifiedSafety had failed to compensate all hours worked by employees and failed to pay overtime wages. 

Schneider Wallace represented the plaintiffs in support of a cause of action for failure to pay wages and offer mandatory breaks for plaintiffs employed in California, Washington, Illinois, Minnesota, Alaska and Ohio. Schneider Wallace brought claims on behalf of the class pursuant to California Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”). PAGA allows for individuals to act on behalf of the government in addition to themselves in lawsuits against employers who violate state law on labor and pay.

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