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California Labor Department – Wage Theft Claims and Judgments – March 2022

The California Department of Industrial Relations maintains a database of wage theft claims presented to the office by employees against individuals and corporations. When a wage claim is filed, the Labor Commissioner’s Office investigates the claim, and publicly posts information about the name of the organization or individual, the date of the claim, and additional information such as the type of industry.

Updates for March 2022, data from a search of the government labor databases on April 26th, 2022.

Washington Passes “Silenced No More Act” Eliminating Non-Disclosure Agreements

Governor Inslee signed The Silenced No More Act (Bill 1795). Washington state now joins California as the second state to make non-disparagement and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in employer settlements and contracts unenforceable, for harassment and discrimination.

Department of Labor Backs Truckers in Sleeper Berth Wage Dispute

The DOL took the position truck drivers who are scheduled for more than eight hours in a sleeper berth deserve to be paid for all time above eight hours. The case in question involved truck drivers with a scheduled 10 hour sleep break in each 24 hour day.