Schneider Wallace Secures $1.367 Billion Settlement With City of Los Angeles

Schneider Wallace has secured a $1.367 billion in with the City of Los Angeles on behalf of mobility impaired residents of the city in the case of Willits v. Los Angeles.

Plaintiffs’ lead counsel Guy Wallace said, “This $1.4 billion settlement is the largest disability access class action settlement in U.S. history. It will make the City’s sidewalk system accessible to persons with mobility disabilities. It will install curb ramps throughout the City, fix sidewalks that are broken and torn up by tree roots, install accessible sidewalks where they do not exist, and remove many other barriers. By making the City’s sidewalks and crosswalks accessible, this settlement will make it much easier for persons with mobility disabilities to get to and use government facilities, to find or get to jobs and workplaces, to go shopping, to go to the doctor, to participate in community life, and to be with their friends and families.

“Under the settlement, people with disabilities will also be able to make requests for access fixes in their own neighborhoods, such as for curb ramp installation, or tree root repairs. Over the course of the settlement, the City’s sidewalks will be transformed. And the lives of persons with mobility disabilities will be made a lot better. We are very thankful to Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Attorney Mike Feuer, Chief Deputy City Attorney Jim Clark, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana and all of the City officials who have made this outstanding and historic result possible.”  

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