Schneider Wallace Argues Bigelow Tea Class Action For Misleading “Manufactured in the USA” Label

At the hearing on Bigelow Tea’s motion to dismiss, Schneider Wallace attorneys argued for the class action lawsuit brought against Bigelow Tea for its misleading use of the term “Manufactured in the USA” for tea grown and processed overseas.

The complaint alleges that Bigelow Tea knowingly purchases foreign-sourced black, green and oolong tea leaves, which are also processed from their raw state overseas. Bigelow labels these foreign-grown and foreign-processed teas as “manufactured in the USA” and “100% American family owned”, which plaintiffs represent is misleading.

“Bigelow deceptively advertises the products in order to exploit strong consumer sentiment for American products,” the class action plaintiffs allege in their complaint. The complaint alleges that consumers are misled into believing the tea leaves are grown and processed in the United States.

The plaintiffs say their reasonable belief that Bigelow’s tea was manufactured in the U.S. was an important factor in their purchase decision, and they allege they lost money as a result of “Bigelow’s misleading, false, unfair, and deceptive practices.” Plaintiffs state that “manufactured in the USA” should mean a product that is processed in the United States exclusively.

Schneider Wallace partner, Jason H. Kim, argued during the hearing that Bigelow Tea’s motion to dismiss fails for several reasons, including because much of the defendant’s tea manufacturing in fact occurs overseas according to a video on Bigelow’s website. 

Consumer Class Action

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Kimberly Banks et al. v. R.C. Bigelow, Inc. et al., 2:20-cv-06208 (U.S. District Court for the Central District of California)