No Meal or Rest Break Bonus on Paystub?

Your former or current employer may owe you up to $4,000 in California if you missed meal or rest breaks, or had to work during a meal or rest break, and they did not include itemized paycheck statements detailing each bonus.

The penalty and bonus pay is to be itemized separately, similar to how overtime is itemized on a separate line.

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California Labor Code:

First Penalty - $50

A failure to document a missed meal or rest break penalty on a paystub is a $50 penalty.

CA employers also owe an extra hour of pay for a missed meal.

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Next Paycheck - $100

A continued failure to correctly list wages, which include payments to employees when they have to work through a meal or rest break, is $100.

This is in addition to extra hour of pay owed for each missed meal.

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$4000 Maximum

The penalties for failing to accurately describe wages in wage statements grows to a maximum of $4,000.

At 2 paychecks per month a $4000 penalty is reached in 20 months. All unpaid wages are additionally owed.

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CA LAbor Code 226(e)

CA Labor Code § 226

(e) An employee suffering injury as a result of a knowing and intentional failure by an employer to comply with subdivision (a) is entitled to recover the greater of all actual damages or fifty dollars ($50) for the initial pay period in which a violation occurs and one hundred dollars ($100) per employee for each violation in a subsequent pay period, not exceeding an aggregate penalty of four thousand dollars ($4,000), and is entitled to an award of costs and reasonable attorneys fees.

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California Wage Theft

Study: $2 billion taken from CA workers every year. Unpaid work during breaks, unpaid overtime, and more.


% of workers did not get full itemized pay stubs.


% Did not receive all pay for work performed.


$2 Billion In Lost Wages.
every year.

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