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Deaf Rights

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In protecting the rights of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals across the nation, our attorneys have handled major cases against state universities and Fortune 500 companies.


Hearing-impaired individuals often experience discrimination in the workplace, including exclusion from job opportunities for which they are qualified and denial of access to equipment that can aid them in their job. Many deaf or hearing-impaired persons and employers are unfamiliar with the protections afforded by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


In particular, Title I of the ADA requires that companies take reasonable steps to accommodate the physical or mental limitations of their employees. Reasonable accommodation refers to modifications or adjustments to a particular job or work environment that enable a qualified person with a disability to perform the work.  Examples include telecommunication devices for the deaf (TTYs or TDDs), instant messaging software, amplified telephones, visual alarms, and qualified sign language interpreters.  The ADA also requires employers to ensure that deaf employees or applicants have the tools they need to communicate effectively in work-related activities, such as applying for a job, seminars, and other occasional functions.


If you feel you have been the victim of discrimination because you are hearing impaired, please complete our online consultation form.


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